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CBT resources

The CBT diary worksheet can be used to explore how you respond in situations if you struggle with anxiety or low mood. Looking for patterns helps to explore what might be maintaining the anxiety, highlighting patterns of behaviour, certain thinking styles, negative beliefs or predictions.

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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy tool. The five area diary or journal

We can often get in to the habit of using certain thinking styles in distressing situations that could make it more difficult to manage. Have a read through these common tricky thinking styles and see if any sound familiar. If you are able to notice when you use them, you can begin to challenge those thoughts, and see the situation in a different and more helpful way.

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A list of common unhelpful thinking styles
A list of common unhelpful thinking styles

When we are swept away by a rush of emotions, it becomes hard to focus and engage with the world around us. Using grounding techniques can help to re-engage with the present moment, to drop an anchor in that storm and wait for the calmer waters, for this moment to pass. Two of my favourite grounding techniques that have helped me the most over the years, and many of the people I work with, are Box breathing and the 5,4,3,2,1. Both refocus your attention using your senses. You can download brief instructions for both by clicking on the image and have a go.  

Two grounding techniques to help calm a busy mind


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