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Parenting Resources

Starting from the early stages of pregnancy, parenthood introduces numerous joys but also comes with its share of challenges for many individuals. You may have always been a 'worrier' and founds ways to manage. During pregnancy, experiencing worries, anxiety and panic can increase. Have a read of some of my blogs on self-care, and get in touch with me for a free assessment to see if CBT can help.

Parent-Led CBT is a 6 week plan for parents to help them manage their child's anxiety. The first four sessions are for one hour each and done online. This is followed by two follow up sessions either online or by phone. Then finally one review session one month later or as agreed.

Grounding techniques 

When we are swept away by a rush of emotions, it becomes hard to focus and engage with the world around us. Using grounding techniques can help to re-engage with the present moment, to drop an anchor in that storm and wait for the calmer waters, for this moment to pass. Two of my favourite grounding techniques that have helped me the most over the years, and many of the people I work with, are Box breathing and the 5,4,3,2,1. Both refocus your attention using your senses.


You can download short instructions for both and have a go by clicking on the image.  

Tips on two grounding techniques to help calm a busy mind
CBT Diary for parent and child

The CBT diary worksheet can be used if you or your child are experiencing anxiety. It can be used to keep track of how you respond in situations and how your child responds. Looking for patterns helps to explore what might be maintaining the anxiety, highlighting patterns of behaviour, certain thinking styles, negative beliefs or predictions.


You can download this diary example by clicking on the image.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy diary worksheet or journal

The Emotions Thermometer can be used to raise awareness of how you or your child reacts to different emotional temperatures. You can then use page two to note down techniques that may help at these different times.


You can download this worksheet by clicking on the image.

Emotional temperature worksheet 1 - how do I feel and where do I feel it?
Emotional temperature 2 - how do I feel and what can help me?

Parent-Led CBT Workshops

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Excelling with neurodiversity
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