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Effective Tips for Well-being - 30 day Summer Calendar

When the sun is shining, and days are brighter and longer, our moods are often lifted and some troubles ease. This is a time to savour and enjoy but, it is also a great time to establish or maintain new habits that support your well-being.

The tips in this 30 day well-being calendar give you some ideas to practice and experiment with so that you can find something that helps and prepares you for the trickier days. These are only suggestions so if something doesn’t sound achievable or is something you already do then change it – make it your own well-being summer month.

Mindful  Monday – When we engage with worry thoughts and anxiety it can often feed it, making you feel even more overwhelmed. Taking mindful steps like these can help refocus your attention to your surroundings and ground yourself in the present moment. When you work with ‘what you know’, rather than ‘what might be’ you might experience a sense of calm or control over the matter.

Taking care Tuesday – Somethings we do for ourselves to help with worry, stress and anxiety can actually add to the struggles. Loosing hours of the day in social media to avoid worries, drinking that extra glass of wine to ease tension, snacking on fast food for an instant burst of energy. These could work in the short term but resolve the underlying issue and often come with negative consequences. Taking steps to establish new, more helpful coping habits can avoid adding extra stress and strain.

Tips for well-being and self-care
30 day well-being calendar

What else might happen Wednesday – When we experience worry and anxiety our focus is often on a negative outcome and the alternative balanced out look can be missed. Exploring the bigger picture and ‘what else might happen’ can encourage a balanced outlook on situations. It’s a chance to acknowledge and experiment with alternatives.

Think of others Thursday - Helping others can raise your sense of self-worth by tapping into your values for how you want to behave and live your life. It can also bring support to you at times of loneliness.

Forward thinking Friday – Planning ahead can bring structure to your day and a sense of control at times when you don’t feel you are. It also helps to have things you could look forward to.

Self-care Saturday – What better way to support your mental wellbeing than to have a bit of ‘me’ time. The more in-tune you are with yourself and your needs, the better you can be in-tune with others and the world around you.

Self-reflection Sunday – This could be a time to pause and reflect. What is working? What isn’t working? What can change? What moments can be enjoyed and savoured? What can you accept and what can you let go of?

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